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A man in a back jacket and a black hat is handing a pile of grass or hay while smiling to the person in front of him wearing a red jacket and a black hat. They are both standing in a field of grass and are participating in an activity.

Who We Are

We are harnessing the power of our collective capital for transformative social justice.

About Us

Just Futures is a platform to connect nonprofits and their workers with investments that are increasingly aligned with the needs of people, communities, and our one planet.

We are a people of color-owned and gender diverse investment firm, incorporated as a public benefit corporation. We are committed to 30% non-dilutable ownership by nonprofit and social movement organizations that are creating a just transition to a regenerative economy.

A crowd of people with serious looks on their faces marching down the street holding up a banner that says Migrants and Workers Rise Up.

Our Story

Just Futures was founded in 2022 by longtime movement activists, nonprofit workers, and volunteers striving for an economy that works for everyone. After decades of experience working in nonprofit, movement organizing, and philanthropy, they decided to create the retirement platform that they always wished existed for themselves and their organizations–one that made it easy for overstretched nonprofit administrators to offer benefits and that could serve as a vehicle for shifting their hard-earned wages away from the extractive economy and toward regenerative investing.

Our Team

We are nonprofit and organizing veterans, technology geeks, and investing professionals.

Our Supporters

Common Future

San Francisco Foundation

Kataly Foundation

Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation

Nathan Cummings Foundation

Fund for the City of New York

General Services Foundation

Stupski Foundation

California Wellness Foundation

One Project