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Organizers hold a banner in defense of our communities

Aligning investment strategy with organizational mission

We partner with nonprofits, endowments, foundations and other institutions to help shift investment assets to be accountable to social, racial, economic, and environmental justice

Key Offerings

  • Capital reserve & endowment management
  • Custom integrated capitalSupported through Just Futures Impact Donor Advised Fund and other compatible structures portfolios
  • Separately Managed Accounts (e.g. Donor Advised Funds)
  • Investment Policy Statement design and implementation

Just Futures is new, but our experience spans decades

Experienced asset management leadership

  • Founding investment officer of $1b advisory practice serving nonprofit clientele
  • Investment team with decades of experience in capital management, public policy, and global finance

    Deep roots in nonprofit & social justice work

    • Investment Committee informed by over 125 years collective experience working for and with nonprofit organizations
    • Just Futures staff has decades of combined experience supporting racial, social, and environmental movements

    A trusted voice to guide your financial priorities

    Navigating today’s economic realities is increasingly more complex: inflation, higher interest rates, an evolving labor market. Ironically, many organizations have experienced an influx of capital, creating unique challenges in navigating through this new environment.

    Just Futures can help make sense of the key financial decisions you face with investment solutions that are designed to align not just with your operational objectives, but your institutional values as well. The diverse backgrounds of our team combines capital management savvy, risk planning, and aligned portfolio construction with decades of non-profit experience.

    Investment solutions that deliver a human return